Seasoned with ingredients imported from Japan and South Korea, our seaweed salad and ika sansai (seasoned calamari salad) feature high-quality raw ingredients. Our versions of these Japanese-cuisine favorites offer minimal drip, allowing you to enjoy a taste that is comparable to that of top Japanese brands. Our fresh and clean-tasting seaweed salad features a fresh flavor, and makes an ideal accompaniment to any meal, either on its own or as part of a more substantial salad.

Perfectly seasoned, cooked, and ready to eat, our ika sansai features plump, fresh squid with an excellent texture. Delicious when served as an appetizer or in cold recipes for all cuisines, our ika sansai is also wonderful as part of cooked dishes. This savory, meaty choice makes a great addition to any seafood repertoire.

Product Info: 

  • Brand: Marusei, Kobe, Marine Foods
  • Origin: China, Japan
  • Pack: 4x2KG

WAKAME (SEAWEED SALAD) Packaging Coming Soon