The ever-popular hamachi (yellowtail) continues its reign as one of the most appreciated fishes on sushi menus and other high-end restaurant offerings. Our fish are harvested exclusively during winter months prior to spawning season. This ensures the best omega-3 fatty acid content as well as optimal levels of vitamins and minerals. The fat content of our hamachi is cultivated at +/- 25% from head to tail. The taste of our hamachi is exquisite – light, buttery, with a sweet and clean aftertaste. Our hamachi belly features up to 30% fat content (with an average fat content of 25%), resulting in a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth texture that is similar to otoro (fatty tuna). The freshness preservation that is unique to the quick freezing process and the high fat content of the fish guarantee that this is the best-tasting product you will find.

We have set stringent requirements in order to offer the best sashimi-quality hamachi to our customers. Marusei Hamachi is quickly preserved to ensure exceptional taste and texture. We process and package the fish within 5 hours of them being caught. It is processed using proprietary CO injection method then quick-frozen using our specialized liquid freezers at -58oF/-50oC. This process is much faster than previous color retention processing, which takes from 24-48 hours.  Next, the fish are promptly secured in high-tech vacuum packaging featuring material with the lowest possible air permeability, ensuring a shelf life of up to two years. Throughout the process careful steps are taken to maintain ultimate freshness: the hamachi are kept at a core temperature of -2°C throughout processing. Overall, the final product provides a great meal with high content of OMEGA3.

Product Info: 

  • Brand: Marusei
  • Origin: Japan
  • Sizes: 2.0 to 3.0KG
  • Pack: 7 pieces per carton (2.0-2.4KG), 6 pieces per carton (2.5KG-2.7KG), 5 pieces per carton (2.8-3.0KG)  

Hamachi Packaging Coming Soon