Kobe BBQ EEL (Unagi Kambayaki)


Kobe Brand.

Unagi Eel is an essential part of Japanese food culture, and it is increasingly popular in the U.S. wild sea caught baby grass eels grow in clear fresh water; saused and BBQ three to four times to ensure good texture and taste.

Unagi is more than a delicacy in japan, popular not only for its flavor but also for its beneficial effect on people. Japanese people believe that Unagi will recover energy lost during hot summer days; moreover, people believe it will strengthen one's health condition, and possibly improve his or hers "love life.

Japanese set one or Two "Unagi Day" during July and August to remind people of the benefit of eating Unagi during hot summer days; and embrace its symbolic meaning to the Japanese food culture.  

Product of China.


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Package: 2 x 5 KG ( 2 x 1.1 LB)