Marusei Hamachi Fillet


Hamachi Fish is considered on of the most important delicacy items in  sushi bars. Yellowtail has several different species depending upon region. Japanese Hamachi is carefully cultivated in the purest sea water of Kyushu Islands, Japan. The unique geological environment and its warm water current during winter is the most ideal place on earth that can support the growth of Hamachi Fish. All these unique factores contribute to Hamachi fish's rich omega 3 fatty acid content and high level of vitamins and minerals.

"Marusei" Hamachi fillet is quick frozen in specialized freezers at minus 58`F/-50`C in under 60 minutes. This revolutionary processing technuque maintains the original cell structure of the fish; ultimately achieve a superior quality, buttery flavor and melting texture. Different from all other Fresh/ Frozen Hamachi handler in the world, our "Marusei" Hamachi is constantly maintaining highest quality possible to satisfy all Hamachi fans "year round".  


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